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Safe And Secure: That’s How I Like To Play!

In the IT market today, android very possibly could be the reigning king. The most welcome policy of android is the free love approach which lets anyone put their app on the market and will only block the said app if flagged as inappropriate by a third party. The upside of this being that android market is the most widely comprehensive in the matters of quality security apps but as it goes there is a downside as well. The open source platform is a treat for hackers and lately the exploits involving the mobile operating system have been on a rise.

It thus becomes imperative that users protect their data and with that purpose in mind here is a list of some very useful apps to keep your device secure and private.

Lookout Mobile Security

This free mobile application in the android market and includes the three basic necessities of a secure device: antivirus, backup and fine my phone. This app will scan any further app that you download and prevents your device from any virus or malware. The backup allows you to create a backup of your data and even restore it to a new or existing phone. The find my phone is a very handy feature in case the phone is lost or stolen. This will delete all your data in the event of theft, points out the location of your phone on a map and even activates a loud alarm to find your phone.

Using cloth nappies on holiday
Using cloth nappies on holiday

The smart App Lock-(App Protector)

If you are in the habit of giving your phone to your friends and other people to use every now and then but do not want them to be poking their nose where they shouldn’t , then this app is god send for you. With this free app the user can lock SMS, contacts, mail, photos and more. The user can also set a list of apps that can be locked with lock pattern or password protection.

Fun, legal and safe!! Play slots online
Fun, legal and safe!! Play slots online

MSecure Password manager

This paid app is a very convenient and safe solution to store sensitive data on your phone. Using this app you can password protect data such as web logins, security numbers, credit card details, bank account numbers and easily ac

3 Signs Your Partner Is Lying To You

It’s not always easy to identify if your partner is lying to you. If you suspect that he’s lying to you, his words may not be sufficient to calm you down. He cannot hide it forever and his body language might be able to tell you if your concern is true. He might have said something fishy that made you curious in the first place, so if you think you can’t trust him at the moment, use his body language to prove it. Here are some signs that can tell you if your partner is lying or not:

“He rolls his eyes while talking

“Whenever you ask your partner for an explanation for your suspects, keep direct eye contact with him. If he tries to avoid eye contact while he comes up with an answer, it is a sign that he’s lying to you. Though there is still a possibility that he may not be lying. If he pauses for a minute to answer and breaks eye contact, it may be because of the fact that he is trying to remember from his memory. But if he moves his eyes to his left and takes more than a moment to remember and stammers while explaining the situation, it is a positive sign that your suspicion was right.

Could asymmetrical gestures and eye flutter reveal he's cheating?
Could asymmetrical gestures and eye flutter reveal he’s cheating?

“He behaves differently

“We know a lot about our partners and can certainly tell if their behavior is weird lately. If he stays out for work and other commitments and tries to avoid direct conversation with you, something might be going on. Also observe his posture and see if you can find any difference. If he’s avoiding intimacy and doesn’t talk as much as he used to, he’s lying to you and hiding something from you. Body language and general behavior helps a lot in detecting a lie.

“He avoids answering your questions

“The best way to deal with such a suspicion is to ask your partner directly. Communication can save your relationship. You need to ask him the right question to see if he’s lying or not. Try to take control of the situation and ask him something casually and he’ll answer causally. Once you’ve eased the air, ask something you really need to know, if this question rattles him and he tries to change the subject, this sudden change in his tone is a sign that he probably doesn’t want to answer because he’s afraid of getting caught.

Signs You're Not An Alpha Male
Signs You’re Not An Alpha Male

“Relationships are a real bliss but sometimes these can give you a hard time. Knowing your partner is lying to you can be really frustrating; in fact, it is more annoying than cheating itself. Trust is the basic building block of a relationship and it should not be broken. A relationship in which two partners can’t rely on each other is bound to be doomed. So keep a check on your partner and make sure things are going fine I you want your relationship to work. The above signs can help you detect if you’re being fooled by your partner and you’ll not have to find it the hard way.

Natural Ways To Treat Depression Better Than Any Pill

Depression is defined as a temporary mental state or chronic mental disorder characterized by feelings of sadness, loneliness, despair, and low self-regard. Signs may also include psychomotor retardation or frequent agitation, social isolation, and vegetative status such as insomnia and loss of appetite.

The symptoms of depression are somewhat treacherous and it can daunt you in the face of finishing very actions as well as selecting the assistance that would initialize your convalescence. When you are depressed, you feel incapacitated – but YOU ARE NOT. There is a great chance that you can win your own battle without taking a pill for it. Here are 3 natural ways to help you beat depression and not just mask the disorder.

Treating Depression Naturally: Supplements, Herbs and Foods for Feeling Better
Treating Depression Naturally: Supplements, Herbs and Foods for Feeling Better

Get up and start eating right

Some tend to overeat when they are depressed and some just don’t have an appetite at all, but both just feed the depression cycle. Pull yourself out of the dive and start improving your diet. According to studies, fish, which contains omega-3 fatty acids, is known to have positive effects on clinically defined mood swings. You may want to include salmon, sardines, and tuna, in your diet. Also, treat yourself with at least 1 oz of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has a beneficial effect on the levels of brain endorphins, that is why it is considered to be a physical upper. Don’t resort to caffeine and alcohol as they can increase irritability, thus aggravating your mood. Include huge amount of fruits and vegetables in your meal plan – you will feel better at least about your health.

Exercise is the secret weapon to beat depression

Getting fit is not just for preventing and improving a lot of health problems. Physical activity can actually regulate your insulin levels as well as boosting endorphins in your brain. Endorphins are natural pain relievers too, which imparts a soothing effect to your body. They also preclude the nerve cells from producing pain signals. Research also proved that exercise could increment the cells present in the hippocampus. When a person is depressed, there is a considerable reduction of cells in the hippocampus.

12 Nondrug Remedies for Depression
12 Nondrug Remedies for Depression

Sleep away your depression

One of the easiest ways to combat depression is to get ample sleep. Avoid any strenuous activity if it is time for bed. It is also important to make your room extra conducive for sleep – dark, adequate ventilation, and quiet. Getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep can make you feel you are at the top of the game, refreshed and full of vigor. If you are having a hard time falling asleep, try drinking a cup of calming tea before you hit the sack.

The number of people suffering from depression around the world is increasing every day. The more you hesitate pacing a step forward, the greater are the worsening and detrimental effects of depression that can definitely lead to homicide and suicide. Do you want that? Do something now before it’s too late.

3 Important Tips For Successful Savings

Saving money is essential in the current hard economic times. Despite of your need to save money, you need to strictly stick to your initial savings goal. Many people fail to attain their savings goals by not adhering to or bending their savings goals. For saving to occur, there must be a source of money. This may be from business profits, employment salary or from any other sources. Future uncertainty on the source of income calls for the need to save money while still receiving it. Saving is not an easy task however, but its fruits are worth it. The following 3 tips for saving money are going to revolutionize completely your saving patterns.

Come up with a list of saving goals

People save for different purposes; some are specific for example buying a car, while others are general. Savings goals are targets stated in monetary terms to be attained over a given time period. It acts as a source of motivation to whoever is saving. Take time to come up with realistic savings goals and list them down. Saving goals can be short term or long term; the two should clearly be distinguished in your list of savings goals. Refer to your savings goals frequently to remind yourself and make any necessary updates.

The Complete Beginner's Guide to Saving Money
The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Saving Money

Identify ways of accomplishing the savings goals

For the savings goals to be attained over a given time period, it needs to be divided into short term goals in line with a source of income. This may be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or any other time period. Draw a personal income statement and a budget to help you attain the savings goals. These two tools are necessary to keep the level of spending low and avoid any unnecessary spending. A personal income statement is an outline of different sources of income and expenses. Cut down on your spending by eliminating unnecessary items and selecting convenient prices for your expenses. This can be made easy by drafting a budget to represent money to be spent on different items over the identified time period.

Save your money in an interest earning account

After setting aside a specific sum of money over a short time period, the next big thing is to ensure that it is stored in a safe place. A good place to store money should caution it from the shock of inflation and should not be easily accessible. Opening a fixed deposit savings account with a trusted financial institution will play a crucial role towards success of your savings goals. Fixed deposits accounts accrue interests on the amount stored in it annually. Also, the number of times which one can withdraw money from such accounts are limited over a time period. Placing a standing order to your regular bank account will also help to avoid coming into direct contact with amount to be saved and minimizing times of visits to the bank.

The Complete Beginner's Guide to Saving Money
The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Saving Money

Indeed saving money is not optional, it is a way that everyone should embrace to cater for the unforeseen future uncertainties. Understanding into details tips for saving money is thus mandatory for any successful saving. Avoid any shocks in your life by drafting a friendly but functioning personal income statement and budget. With the above money saving tips you are always assured of success.

3 Ways To Negotiate A Better Starting Salary

Not happy with your job offer? Want a higher salary? Even if you have a reason to be happy because you got the job, you shouldn’t just accept an offer for the sake of having a job. Speak out. Let them know why you should get a better salary. All right, it’s not easy as it sounds. A lot of people don’t negotiate and merely hope the figure will increase in time. Yes, you can do the same. But if you think you deserve more, you have to negotiate. Here are 3 ways to do the negotiation:

  1. Give them a good reason to increase your salary

Although your true reasons are personal (who doesn’t want a better pay?), the company won’t dig that. You have to give them a good reason so they will also give you more. If the hiring manager doesn’t want to lose you and thinks you’re going to be a huge asset to the company, they’ll most probably give you a better rate. One thing you can do is to tell them that the salary isn’t enough for your expenses and you may have to get a part-time job to make ends meet. Don’t make up stories. Make sure what you’re telling them is true.

How to Negotiate Your Salary
How to Negotiate Your Salary
  1. Don’t forget to show your gratitude before and after

You know that it’s easier for people to give in to your requests if you’re polite to them and you show your gratitude. If you don’t like the offer and think it’s too low, don’t rant or show them that you’re disappointed. You’re still fortunate you get the job. Before you start negotiating, thank them for the offer. Let them know you’re excited to join the company. You can then tell them the reason why you need a better salary. Then emphasize once more how much you’d love to join the team. Never think about being disrespectful. It will only ruin your chances of getting what you want.

  1. Be ready in case they say NO

Even if the employer wants to give you a better salary, there are many of them that just can’t give in to your desires. Perhaps they don’t have the budget for it. So what if the hiring manager says no? Find out if they can provide compensation in other ways. Maybe they can let you work from home once a week. Maybe they will allow you to take your dog to work. Employers want their new hires to be happy with their offer. They know that employees who aren’t happy with the arrangement will leave as soon as they can.

How to Negotiate Your Salary
How to Negotiate Your Salary

A lot of people have been successful in negotiating a better salary. Give it a try. These tips will surely help you and increase your chances of getting what you want. Always remembers that if you don’t ask, you will never receive. Don’t hesitate. Who knows, your employer may just be waiting for you to ask for a better pay. Finally, don’t freak out if they say NO. In the end, it’s still your employer who decides if you get a better offer or not.